Thursday, February 19, 2009

so inspired... etsy artisans who make receiving packages fun!

It's always fun to get a little extra bitty with an order,

to get a little card

or special handmade gift bag or box,

or even just a fun colored tissue paper wrapping!

Susan Lambert in Charlotte, N.C....etched blue beads and textured copper washers, plus a bonus disc bead...see her blog here, too.

Lynn Davis in St. Louis, MO...Asian connector beads, plus an extra bead, and a handmade box and little paper goodies as well!...her blog is here. (The hare was just curious and had to investigate.)

...and Tony and Lisa in Inman, S.C......Shibuichi component thingies and Tony's handmade mixed fiber bag....their blog is here.

I think it's kinda funny that I'm like the kid who wants to play with the box that the toy came in rather than the toy...but I'll get to that too. I just love the photo opportunities that these treasures afford me along with the treasures themselves.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

macro nuts...

I ran across a bunch of sites that have photography challenges each week. I got really enthused about the MacroDay "nuts" theme and wanted to do some outdoor photos of hardware that happens to be around my house, but the days got so cloudy I had to wait. I finally decided to photograph some nuts inside the house, like almonds in case you were envisioning other ways of portraying nuts ;-), and was pretty happy with the results, but now I see that the theme has moved on to "tags"! Oh well, here's my "nuts" photo anyway ;-).

Maybe I'll have better luck with tags.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

coupons for michael's...

You can subscribe to Michael's ads and coupons at I just received an email with a link to these coupons which I'll share here. I've seen these on other websites, and I don't see any restrictions on posting these except for the one that says they don't accept reproductions on the coupon itself...yet these are meant to be printed out on your printer and brought in to the store where they do accept that doesn't make much sense. Here they to make bigger and save to your pc and print, or go to the link and print the page. They're only good for this week, Feb 9 to 14.

taking it slow...

Two sick boys on my mind...making soup, lots of tea, pots of steamy chamomile and eucalyptus for breathing in...trying not to run my self down in the process. (oh, and this, too seems to be helping alot... Hyland's Flu, a homeopathic remedy for the flu)
Here they were a few days ago in the snow...

...I look forward to seeing them in action again!

We've had unseasonably warm temps lately. That always seems to do it...just when you want to be out enjoying the day...although with the snow melting down that means a lot of wetness. Probably contributes to the tendency to get sick. Pre-spring fever, I guess.

While they were sledding, there were two Turkey Vultures overhead, and yesterday's sun lit up a little teacup set on my windowsill...they all came together in this...

I'm enjoying playing with Photoshop lately. So easy to put ideas together and get something strange and unusual!
I plan to use the bottom black part for a quote inspired by Neil Gaiman in Neverwhere. Here's the original, which stuck with me as soon as I read it..

"He had gone beyond the world of metaphor and simile into the place of things that are, and it was changing him."

I've been working on something like that myself, so it seemed very profound to me when I read it.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday, February 2, 2009

fossil necklace...

A beautiful, sunny day today, just right for taking a few photos.

[cropped original to the right, Photoshop'd photos down below]

I've been working on this necklace lately. I've had the focal bead for a looong time. It's called Fossil and was made by Kaye Husko (KoregonBeads). I found it on ebay one day and it spoke to me and I had to have it. I think Kaye had described it as something that looks like it might have washed up on the beach, and I like that imagery.

I just purchased some silver findings from Cathy Dailey (dotted bail and s-clasp) on etsy and the idea for this necklace came together for me. I love it, simple as it is. Today I photographed it on a cedar shingle that Trader Joe's was getting rid of awhile back. They had been re-doing the look of the store's interior and had the old cedar covered fixtures outside. When I asked, they told us which pieces they wanted to get rid of and my husband did the heavy work of taking them all apart and carting them home. Most of the cedar ended up on our treehouse.

Anyhow...this photo was taken with the board balanced on my windowsill which faces south, and then I cropped in close and sandwiched it with two different through-the-lens textures from Flickr. (white ttv and mirror) There's a tutorial here.

So here's the results...I like them both, but I think the first one keeps more of the effects of the sun and shows the colors better.

The little silver charm at the bottom came from a bead show seller...I don't remember who it was, they were fairly new and hadn't even been able to get set up to take credit cards in time for the show...I do wish I knew who it was, but anyway, the charm is Hill Tribe Silver and so sweet. It reminds me of a fossil, so it's been hanging out with this bead for a long time, just waiting for the right setting to be used in.

I also might add some wire wrapping on the strap with some beads, but I wanted to get it photographed today while I could.

Comments and observations are much appreciated. I'm not too sure about the wire wrapping on the ends. I didn't want to cut the ends too short, but I don't know if I like them sticking out as they are. I'm wondering if I should have put a little glue inside before wrapping. I eventually want to set up my etsy shop, but this one is for me...I'm too attached to the bead at the moment to think of selling it.