Monday, February 2, 2009

fossil necklace...

A beautiful, sunny day today, just right for taking a few photos.

[cropped original to the right, Photoshop'd photos down below]

I've been working on this necklace lately. I've had the focal bead for a looong time. It's called Fossil and was made by Kaye Husko (KoregonBeads). I found it on ebay one day and it spoke to me and I had to have it. I think Kaye had described it as something that looks like it might have washed up on the beach, and I like that imagery.

I just purchased some silver findings from Cathy Dailey (dotted bail and s-clasp) on etsy and the idea for this necklace came together for me. I love it, simple as it is. Today I photographed it on a cedar shingle that Trader Joe's was getting rid of awhile back. They had been re-doing the look of the store's interior and had the old cedar covered fixtures outside. When I asked, they told us which pieces they wanted to get rid of and my husband did the heavy work of taking them all apart and carting them home. Most of the cedar ended up on our treehouse.

Anyhow...this photo was taken with the board balanced on my windowsill which faces south, and then I cropped in close and sandwiched it with two different through-the-lens textures from Flickr. (white ttv and mirror) There's a tutorial here.

So here's the results...I like them both, but I think the first one keeps more of the effects of the sun and shows the colors better.

The little silver charm at the bottom came from a bead show seller...I don't remember who it was, they were fairly new and hadn't even been able to get set up to take credit cards in time for the show...I do wish I knew who it was, but anyway, the charm is Hill Tribe Silver and so sweet. It reminds me of a fossil, so it's been hanging out with this bead for a long time, just waiting for the right setting to be used in.

I also might add some wire wrapping on the strap with some beads, but I wanted to get it photographed today while I could.

Comments and observations are much appreciated. I'm not too sure about the wire wrapping on the ends. I didn't want to cut the ends too short, but I don't know if I like them sticking out as they are. I'm wondering if I should have put a little glue inside before wrapping. I eventually want to set up my etsy shop, but this one is for me...I'm too attached to the bead at the moment to think of selling it.


Jennifer Stumpf said...

i use fine wire when wrapping leather (it's easier to manage than thicker wire) and long tails look quite alright to me. i would not use glue (just my opinion...). by fine wire i mean 24 ir 26 gauge round wire and wrap it tight many times. i like the leather cord from Michael's that they have in the leather stamping section, not the jewelry section. they have many colors and patterns that look wonderful with lampwork beads and stones plus you get much more bang for your buck in quantity. good work! i love this piece... keep at it! i have pieces i can't bear to part with that i've made, too. =)

Cindy said...

Hi Jennifer,
Thanks so much for visiting and for your tips. It's very helpful to know what works for you and to have your feedback. I'm so glad you love the piece. It took a long time for the ideas to come together so I could know how I wanted this bead to be used. It's nice to finally have a finished necklace for it!
I'd love to see some of your can't-part-with designs!

Jennifer Stumpf said...

I know the feeling of a long time coming up with designs. some beads sit for years before an idea presents itself. some of my can't part with's are on my website
these usually find their way into my mom's jewelry box. =)