Sunday, March 1, 2009


We are on a mission to find the 'perfect' drum set for my 16 yr old son lately. He's been doing tons of research and has changed course from wanting an electronic set to wanting an acoustic set now. He was worried about the noise of the acoustic set and that we might all get upset with hearing banging all the time :-)...I think it will be great....and I'm glad the warmer weather is coming, I can take lots of walks.

Perfect means a good quality set that he can build on to, as well as fitting into a limited budget. We are going to see a used set tomorrow that I think may be the one for us. Meanwhile, my older son is going to get an electric guitar and amp, so who knows where this all will lead us!

On that note, I thought I'd put up another video from Evelyn Glennie that I think shows a wonderful way of looking at sound and all the possibilities in that realm. It's a short clip and fascinating! My previous post about her, with two videos and her jewelry is here. Here's a link to some of her jewelry (or jewellery ;-)) as well.

Oh...and I forgot to mention, but I think it's worth saying, how they've gotten so enthusiastic about music lately. The funny thing is, I tried to be very non-technological at home when they were young, hoping for lots of art and music without the distraction of tv, etc. What happened, though, was that they got into video games at some point, built their own computers for gaming, and recently got the game Rockband 2, which comes with a 'guitar' and 'drum set' that are made for the video game only and not real, stand alone instruments. It was this that led them to research 'real' instruments and get really enthused about music and playing. So, just in case anyone worries that video games will preclude anything else in life, they are an example of the opposite. I did get a very negative response from one local music store owner...and I do understand the prejudice since it does seem that the two are not compatible, but it really just depends on the people involved. Sometimes what seems like a not so good thing actually becomes a stepping stone to opening up a new way of seeing the world!

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