Monday, July 27, 2009

lascaux unicorn...

My entry for the Art Bead Scene July challenge. The theme is anything having to do with the Lascaux Cave paintings. The challenge guidelines are here and all the entries can be seen here at the Flickr group.

My pendant is a photo that was actually taken from the Wikipedia article that I linked to above. Fortunately the photo is considered to be in the public domain, since I really love the colors and the design itself. In the book, The Cave of Lascaux, The Final Photographs, by Mario Ruspoli, there is a small mention of it by Brigitte and Gilles Delluc. Here's some of what they say:
"The 'Unicorn' remains an enigma."
"It is the first important figure the visitor encounters on entering the cave...
...It is the symbol of all that we still do not know about the Cave of Lascaux..."
They give several hypotheses as to what it actually represents, as it is not clearly any one recognizable animal.

I printed the photo onto inkjet shrink plastic, and shrunk it until it was not quite flat. I wanted it to retain some of the look of the cave wall (flatness didn't seem to fit the image, in my mind.) Below it is a wonderful piece by Lisa and Tony Blackwell of ZoaArt (Shibuichi Spiral in Hand)...I came across this in my stash while I was looking for ideas, and thought that I couldn't possibly not have this in this design! Hand paintings and stencils are a prominent feature in the caves, and the hand is so important in anything human created.

The rest of the necklace is some hand forged (by me) copper wire that's been patinaed and polished to bring out highlights, along with dark steel wire, leather lacing, and two green opal jasper nuggets.

I very much enjoyed the process of making this. I didn't have a clear plan, it formed itself as I went. Ideas would come to me and it just seemed to grow itself through me, which is a lot of fun!


Abeille à miel said...

Cindy, this is really beautiful. I'm inspired by it, that's for sure!

Cindy said...

Thank you! That's the best know that someone has been inspired by what I've made, and so the energy of the work gets to keeping moving along!

TesoriTrovati said...

Cindy, I would never have thought that this was shrink plastic had you not told me. I thought it was some sort of polymer clay with a decal or painting. Reallly nice! Great use of materials.
Thanks for the background information too. That is what I love about these challeges is the opportunity to know more.
Enjoy the day!

Tony and Lisa Blackwell said...

Oh Cindy that necklace is beautiful.Thank you for adding one of my pieces to your design.....Lisa

Cindy said...

Thanks Tesori! It was fun to do a little research on this. Finding that the 'unicorn' was such a mystery made it so much nicer to use. The inkjet shrink plastic is quite a bit different from the other types. It's very opaque and doesn't shrink as much, or get quite as thick. It's also got a matte finish (plus I sprayed it with a sealer), so that all helps it to look a bit less like plastic, I guess. Glad you liked it!

Cindy said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks so much!
I love your hand charm. I'm so glad I had it and could use it for this.

Anonymous said...

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