Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!

Borrowing Vonda the Witch from my son's wip for a halloween contest to say Happy Halloween...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


A gift...
I took some photos yesterday in beautiful autumn sunlight, today it is overcast and rainy, how quickly it changes from day to day.
I made this one into wallpaper for my computer and thought I would share it with anyone who wants it. I've added my blog name, unobtrusively I think, just so you'll know where it came from.
Click on the photo to get a larger view, and then right click and click on 'set as desktop background' (for pc's...don't know how it works for a mac)...even better, though, is to save it to your computer and then do what I said, so it will be there if you need to redo your wallpaper later. Does that all make sense? Leave a question in the comments if there's any problem with it.

Happy Autumn! can even just right click on this photo without enlarging it, and you may need to set the properties to 'stretch' to fill your screen.

Monday, October 26, 2009

vitamin d to avoid the flu...

From Dr. Joseph Mercola, D.O.:

Read more here.

And more info and videos about the swine flu vaccine here.

Friday, October 23, 2009

a couple of finds...

First is a glue...
I use E6000 for glueing jewelry components together, but I hate the smell of it. I noticed in Laurie Mika's book, Mixed-Media Mosaics, that she recommends Weldbond for her projects. She said that it was hard to find, and it probably was when she wrote the book, but it just showed up in my local Michael's store. It's non toxic and odor free, yay!

Next, I had an idea to use ribbon for necklaces that I could embroider or otherwise embellish. I wanted something natural, that would feel good on the neck (and in the hand!) and be soft and flexible. One possibility is japanese silk ribbon, and I'm still looking into that. In the process of researching I came across hand-dyed organic cotton ribbon and purchased a few pieces to try. They are available here from Near Sea Naturals. I bought one yard of 3/8 inch wide ribbon in chocolate, and one of 7/8 inch in blackberry, plus a yard of cotton twill tape that I'm thinking of tea-dying. I photographed it on top of a 1/2 yard piece of the thickest, softest organic flannel also from Near Sea Naturals.

And I'll throw in a bit of music to round things out. I first heard the sounds of Tegan and Sara emanating from my son's room, and was intrigued and a bit unsure of how I felt about their sound (this song). This new-to-me song came up last night on my Pandora station, and I find that I'm hooked :-)...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

sometimes my kids amaze me...

Jio's Art Process: Setup by ~Jioruji-Derako on deviantART

stitching and more...

I've been experimenting with a lot of different crafts lately. I have books piled by my bed on needlework, jewelry, art journaling and more. I've been in a very expansive mode, but when I think that some particular form of handwork is going to grow into a major focus for me, I find that I move on to something else and then start to combine the different results and ideas. So, that makes it hard to know what to share here, since nothing is really finished. The following photos show two projects that I ended up putting together.

I found it somewhat challenging to photograph in any way that really brought out the colors and textures, so I feel the need for two ;-).

One inspiration for this was the book Patchwork Folkart by Janet Bolton. My result is not much like her technique, but it gave me the inspiration to use scraps and some very textured objects to make a design. The idea for the wirework came from many sources. One of my favorite books on this is Wirework by Ellen Wieske. An online inspiration is the work of claire Rougerie of De Beaux Souvenirs. She has a blog here and another one here, and a facebook page as well. Oh, and can't forget the etsy site!

This all reminds of another project from a little while back...oh so hard to photograph as well!

At some point I fell in love with Calder's works. The way that he and his family lived was very inspiring to me. This book is one I'd love to own someday...Calder at Home: The Joyous Environment of Alexander Calder. When I first saw his mobiles, a looong time ago, I didn't understand them at all! How much I've changed over my lifetime so far!

Monday, October 19, 2009

my walk today...

A little photo essay from a short walk that I took today. The temperature is starting to warm up a little after our nor'easter this weekend. The backyards are full of acorns, so the deer are coming in pretty regularly to eat their fill. I startled this one and she left to head for the woods, over the tracks, where I went as well.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

I am practically buried in books, ones I've collected over the years, ones that I have out from the library. When I consider buying a book, it has to be something that is a 'must have' for me at this point. I has to have something special about it. Well, this one I knew would be special before it was even conceived, and I don't think I was wrong in that.

Here's a link to the book:

and a video that was just posted today of Cynthia Thornton showing how her inspiration evolves into her fantastic works of art. She's so adorable! (can I say that about a grown woman?). I think it's the kind of adorableness that comes from living out your creative dreams.

p.s....this is nice...I can even embed the book preview!

Enchanted Adornments

Saturday, October 17, 2009

new moon in libra...

We are in the 'dark of the moon' this weekend. This can be somewhat of a relief, if our emotional nature needs a bit of a respite, while the Sun and Moon join their energies temporarily and give us new insights into our emotional nature. It's a good time for meditating, or just taking time for quiet and centering.

I dip into a lot of different resources at different times to understand the effects of the planets on me. I think my favorite is the podcasts by Kim Marie. They are very practical and easy to follow.
Here's the link to the site:

Look for this title...2009-10-15 *SLSR - New Moon in Libra and click the symbol to either listen or download to listen later. It's the first listing right now, as it is the latest podcast.

Here's the description:

Late October will help us to evolve our relationship issues that appeared or re-surfaced with Sun in Libra. We all make the necessary adjustments that allow us to listen beyond hearing and look at relationships from the other's perspective. Hard aspects involving Pluto and Uranus will want to help us breathe deep and respond to the situation instead of reacting once again.

I'm a Sag with Libra rising, so relationships are so very important for me...I'm always learning!
Here is Kim Marie's 'mantra' for Libra energy:

I balance a diversity of relationships with my own initiative.

Also, some interesting information specifically on the 'dark moon' here.