Saturday, October 17, 2009

new moon in libra...

We are in the 'dark of the moon' this weekend. This can be somewhat of a relief, if our emotional nature needs a bit of a respite, while the Sun and Moon join their energies temporarily and give us new insights into our emotional nature. It's a good time for meditating, or just taking time for quiet and centering.

I dip into a lot of different resources at different times to understand the effects of the planets on me. I think my favorite is the podcasts by Kim Marie. They are very practical and easy to follow.
Here's the link to the site:

Look for this title...2009-10-15 *SLSR - New Moon in Libra and click the symbol to either listen or download to listen later. It's the first listing right now, as it is the latest podcast.

Here's the description:

Late October will help us to evolve our relationship issues that appeared or re-surfaced with Sun in Libra. We all make the necessary adjustments that allow us to listen beyond hearing and look at relationships from the other's perspective. Hard aspects involving Pluto and Uranus will want to help us breathe deep and respond to the situation instead of reacting once again.

I'm a Sag with Libra rising, so relationships are so very important for me...I'm always learning!
Here is Kim Marie's 'mantra' for Libra energy:

I balance a diversity of relationships with my own initiative.

Also, some interesting information specifically on the 'dark moon' here.

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