Friday, December 11, 2009

getting started on etsy...

Sometimes you have everything that you need to get something started, but for one reason or another you just don't. It takes a little push from someone who's been where you're going to get over that last hump that keeps stopping you.

That's what's happened to me with my etsy store. It's been set up for months. I've been playing with all kinds of techniques and materials, but no one thing seemed to be the one to get started with. And then, there are all kinds of distractions...other things that need doing that have nothing to do with creating. How to find the opening that says, hey, it's time, this is where you start? Well, that opening for me came from a friend that I've met through blogging and email. Maire , who creates wonderful, innovative and soulful jewelry, gave me the push that I needed...list 5 things in your shop by Wednesday! The timing was right, I was ready for the challenge, and I also felt that it was now or I went for it!

Some things were already made, some just needed finishing up, and I also wanted to make a pair of earrings that I had an idea for. By Tuesday night I had what I needed, but no photos yet.
It rained all through Tues night...but the next day was gorgeous, just right for taking photos. I'd say there was a lot of help going on in this venture!

And so, I've got my five creations in my feels good. Now I know what the process involves and how it looks to have the beginnings of an etsy store (one that actually has items in it for sale!). Next step, to keep creating, keep taking photos and keep listing items...I'm looking forward to it.

And I know who'll be reminding me if I don't!

Thanks, Maire!


Narrative jewelry said...

Congrats for opening your Etsy shop, so lovely things to share. Not so easy to go for it. By reading your website, i can see you are a true artist, who likes to discover many technics, and have so original creations. Marie Jane was right giving you the push you need. She is a great soul and woman.
Good luck for your shop.


mairedodd said...

you are most welcome - you have such talent and to withhold it from the world seemed almost like deprivation! it has been such a pleasure to get to know you and to see you launch your shop - we are clamoring for more! how about a deadline of next wednesday? :0)

kvk said...

Congratulations on the launch. Love the cubes ... sell everything!