Monday, February 15, 2010

fire and ice...

I couldn't resist using that title, since it fits so well.
These were the views that I had yesterday...!

I went out to the store just before sunset, and the sun was just amazing. It was directly at the end of my street, and as I drove away it only became even more amazing. So, I headed back home for my camera and was able to capture this. Not the glowing orange puddle of light that I originally saw, but you can still get the idea of how large it looked. The entire roundish shape just above the cars is the sun!

This is the view outside my kitchen window...they're getting bigger by the day!
Here's another perspective...and more snow is on it's way!
You can see some of my snow photos and short videos in my Flickr album.

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mairedodd said...

beautiful pictures... yes, the icicles are so very long from this storm! what with the melting and refreezing... that sun is just beautiful, such a gorgeous time of day... thanks for sharing those beautifully edited pics!!