Wednesday, February 3, 2010

thrift store find...

I'm on the lookout for anything with an interesting, deep pattern that I might use to make molds out of for polymer clay. My plan is to find some Sculpey Super Elasticlay Moldmaker and use it to make flexible molds. (For some reason, the two craft stores near me are both out of stock of it.)

So, yesterday I had a chance to stop at a local thrift store, after going to the dmv for my license photo (which was actually fun for a change), and I found this bread warmer for $1.

It's got a nice variety of images in it, and I just like it in any case, so we'll see if it works when I get the molding clay.

Meanwhile, I'm keeping my eyes open for patterns and designs. I think it's something I'll have to develop over time, finding where to look, and what types of patterns I'll want to use. Once I get the molding clay, I'll have a better idea of what works.


Steph said...

I find the sculpey clay quite sticky when working with it. What material will you use with your mold ? If it's resin or liquid clay, there's a bi-component silicon that works better than the sculpey clay :

Cindy said...

Thanks Steph.
I'll be using it for polymer clay for now, but I'll look into the silicon molding paste as well. It's always good to have other options. I looked at your link and then searched and found a similar item called Easy Mold Silicone Putty that is sold in the US. Maybe I'll be able to find that locally. Thanks for sharing!

Steph said...

you're welcome :)
Also with sculpey, I noticed the molds don't age well, they harden after a few months. And be sure to use some talcum powder on the objects you want to get a mold from.

Cindy said...

thanks steph!
there's so much to learn about these plastics...and most of it comes out of people's experiences. I've learned a lot from searching the internet, and there's always more!
I'll try to compile the bits and pieces of what I've learned so I can share them here as well.