Monday, June 7, 2010

funny day...

It seemed that every step of the way today something came up that added an extra, unwanted dimension to whatever I was trying to do. I knew it had to be some kind of planetary transit, and so I just tried to relax into it. I just checked my horoscope at is part of it for Mercury squaring my Uranus...

"If you are not flexible, this could be a very nerve-wrecking day, full of little surprises and upsets that overtax your nerves. The plans you have made for the day may not work out at all, and the more you are counting on precisely one set of conditions to be fulfilled, the more upsetting this influence will be."

Now, I started noticing it when my computer started going extremely slowly, and my son started a complete scan and defrag of my hard drive that lasted several hours. Then, among other things, I took a ride to the bookstore after dinner, just a half hour before closing. Of course I had to wait at the red light while the train passed through the station (not even at my intersection, but that's how the signal works there). I took a different route home, and had to backtrack because there was a nasty car accident on the corner which probably happened just moments before I got there (I consider myself quite fortunate with that one!)

I had started to pick up on the idea that I was meant to go slow and appreciate things today, rather than just trying to get anything done...always a good message, just not always put in front of me in just that way!

So, on the whole it was a good day, just very interesting in some unusual ways.

Oh, and I am reminded now that Ustream, where I am watching the last few days of coverage of the owl box before the last two leave the nest, was down for about an hour and a half as well. I'm sure there were many more little things, and probably more to come...maybe I should make a list :-).

For now, I'll just post a photo of one of the owlets from today...I think it's Austin trying to stay cool, and wish me luck at getting myself a nice cup of tea :-).

One more note, why not, it's that kind of day ;-). The youngest owlet, Wesley, is not ready to leave the nest just yet, maybe tonight, but his sibling, Austin, could have left a few days ago. Yet, he stays, and keeps Wesley company every sweet!


mairedodd said...

it is good that you didn't fight it... a great lesson... i think i need to start checking in at astro more often! :0)

Cindy said...

i should probably look ahead to the month and year for me, but i usually like to experience these things first and then see what is causing it, so i don't have a preconception of how things should be.
but the funny thing is, i wasn't hurrying anyway, and it was just like, wow, look what's happening now....what's going on???
after so many things, one after another, i was just amazed at it all...